U.F.M. Unaccompained Foreign Minors



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How is it possible that a sophisticated, informed, educated and affluent world, (compared to the North and Central African peoples, who are hungry, thirsty, haunted by wars, war lords, rapists, murderers  and thieves)  is not able to perceive its political, ethical, social, cultural, human and economic responsibilities on the problem of migrants?

It is an epic problem, of huge historical importance that will influence life not only in Europe, but in Asia, and in the Americas for at least the next 30 or 40 years.  Eventually, if there is ever a solution to this tragic reality, in the next two/three generations, the Planet will be completely different.

Today’s cynically racist initiatives will appear laughable and futile and incur the justifiable condemnation of those responsible.  While  scores of people die in the desert and drown in the Sicilian Channel, the puerile and arrogant punch lines: end of the party, the music has changed…will be seen for what they are: cultural monstrosities of an inept political class.

Unanswered questions will leave a disgraceful void, created by the cowardice and silence of powerful international institutions like the United Nations, having abdicated their responsibilities.  For generations Europe will be tainted with shame.

Let us not hide behind the lascivious faces of Salvini and Dimaio.  We have an undeniable, ethical responsibility.   All of us.
Someday, somebody will remind us.
Je me souvien…

(lorenzo matteoli)


editing of my English translation by Wendy Charnell

Informazioni su matteolilorenzo

Architetto, Professore in Pensione (Politecnico di Torino, Tecnologia dell'Architettura), esperto in climatologia urbana ed edilizia, energia/ambiente/economia. Vivo in Australia dal 1993
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