There is one thing we can thank Trump for.

He has shown the real USA, as we have never seen it before.
Europe was deeply moved by the American loss of lives in WW1, and even more by the heavier loss of lives in WW2, but has never gone beyond that great debt, beyond  the literary and movie stereotype of the Land of Freedom-Democracy Opportunities… And that notwithstanding the many violent signs of the tragic reality hidden by the heroic myth and hundreds of thousands of young Americans who died on the European fronts.
For over a century, Europe has been blind,  in some way compelled by the tragedy that was suffocating the part of the World controlled by communism.  So we did not see the many acts of aggression, misery and hunger, the massacre of mujiks, Beria’s Lubianka, the Syberian communist  lagers;   We ignored the McCarthy persecution, endemic social racism and the deadly racism of the KKK, the crude greed of financial capitalism;  Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the huge heist of US speculation against the rest of the World.  For over a century we gratified the United States of America with admiration that in fact was complicity and support, and we have been allied in persecutions, wars, theft of lives, money and environment –  defending values that the US was continuously betraying.  

Today all this is clear in the votes for Trump.  It is no longer a secret.  It is no longer hidden by the heroes of the opposition, Obama’s exception or by the intellectual left of New York, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood or San Francisco.
As the White Rose did not erase Nazi horror in Germany, Ed Ricketts, John Steinbeck, Martin Luther King, and Jill Stein do not erase the horror of the USA white supremacy of the KKK, Trump’s blasphemy or the Wall street bandits and of their wars in the US.

Let it be clear:  As the horror of Mr Salvini’s  power in Italy would never be erased by Leonardo Sciascia, Marco Pannella, Emma Bonino, Giacomo Matteotti, Filippo Turati, Rossana Rossanda, Luciana  Castellina or Luigi Pintor…
when that horror is victorious, all else is useless.

lorenzo matteoli

Informazioni su matteolilorenzo

Architetto, Professore in Pensione (Politecnico di Torino, Tecnologia dell'Architettura), esperto in climatologia urbana ed edilizia, energia/ambiente/economia. Vivo in Australia dal 1993
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