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It’s not me who invented fascism: I pulled it out of the guts of the Italians
(Benito Mussolini)
foto da La Repubblica del 3 giugno 2019

In the disastrouos hypothesis of Salvini’s return as premier after the calamity of the  winning right coalition, with Mr. Borghi as finance minister who imposes the Italexit he has always dreamed of, here is the scenario of its development.

  1. March 20th, 2024 – The European Commission does not approve the Italian proposals to restructure the budget in order to control the national debt in a sustainable perspective and suggests the consistent guidelines. 
  2. 2April 1st, 2024 – The Italian Government rejects the suggestions of the EU, qualifying them as “an unreceivable insult
  3. April 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2024 – The Italian Premier (Mr. Salvini) informs a cheering “oceanic crowd” of the decision at a rally in the Piazza del Duomo in Milano.
  4. April 20th, 2024 –  The European Commission, as per the Maastricht Treaty provisions, issues the foreseen sanctions and send the Troika inspectors to supervise the implementation.
  5. May 1st, 2024 – The Italian Government arrest the Troika inspectors.
  6. May 1st, 2024 – The Italian Premier informs an oceanic cheering crowd of the decision at a Rally in Piazza Venezia in Rome: he speaks  from a giant screen  (100 meters x 50 meters) installed on the Altare della Patria  formerly known as “Littoriale” to avoid  the famous balcony of Palazzo Venezia used by Mussolini. “Italy is again a free country!” is the battle cry.
  7. May 1st, 2024 – The crowd sings “Bella Ciao”.
  8. May 1st, 2024 – The Premier sends a mocking “Big Kiss”  (Bacione) to the EU Commission.
  9. May 20th, 2024 – The European Commission denounces the Italian failure to comply to the European Parliament.
  10. May 21st- 23rd, 2024 – Heavy sales of Italian Bonds on the finanìcial markets. Nobody buys.
  11. May 26th, 27th, 28th, 2024 – The price of Italian Bonds collapses: some adventurous speculators buy the Italian bonds at 10% of their face value. The Italian Prime Minister publicly denounces the “plot” organized by the BCE  and by the IMF.
  12. June 1st, 2024 – After two days, Italian Bonds trading is blocked by the Stock Exchange Security Committee.
  13. May, June, July 2024 – Italian citizens collect their savings  in Euro from Italian Banks (the bank run actually started after the clash between the Italian Government and the Europan Commission, became catastrophic while I was writing these notes). 
  14. June 15th, 2024 – The Ministry of Finances prohibits the collection of Euros from Italian Banks. Too late; no Euros left anyway.
  15. June 16th, 2024 – By order of the Government Italian Banks and the Italian National Bank buy Italian bonds wherever they are illegally traded. In 24 hrs  they burn all their cash reserves  in US $ and Japanese Yens.
  16. June, July 2024 – The Italian Treasury prints tons of New Liras which are given to the banks to be sold at the official nominal rate of One New Lira = One Euro. The rate does not hold one minute and quickly collapses. The  Financial Police, responsible  to block the speculation does not control the situation.
  17. Jul y 21st, 2024 – In a matter of minutes the market rate New Lira/Euro collapses at 1500 New Liras to one Euro. But there is no demand anyway.
  18. From July 24th, 2024 –  on The new Lira is worthless and  qualified as trash.
  19.  August 1st, 2024 – Minister of Finance Mr. Borghi of the Lega (the party that controls the Government) is found hanging from the Ghisolfa Bridge in Milano, pockets full of stones, wrists behind his back strapped with steel wire. Police suspect suicide. 
  20. August 10th, 2024 – The Premier on National TV informs Italians that everything is under control, rumors of speculation on the New Lira are fake news, originated by the European Commission in Brussels. The rate of the New Lira to the Euro is 10 to 1. Newspapers try to interview per P.M but he is not available, the TV program was recorded.
  21. August 2024 – On the markets there is no demand for the New Lira, at any rate.
  22. Starting June 2024 – All imports are blocked: commodities, oil, natural gas, coal, food, medicines. On the bkack market prices  soar, but the goods are not available anyway.
  23. October 2024 – Italy remains without petrol, electric energy, coal.
  24. Schools are closed, public urban trasnportation stops, trains stop.
  25. October/November 2024 – Hospitals are cold and without basic medicines, thousands die for lack of assistance, lack of emergency surgery, lack of medicines.
  26. December 2024 – Hundreds of thousand senior citizens die for the cold: great relief for the Treasury.
  27. January 2025 – Dead corpses are unceremoniously dealt  with in huge common graves dug with Army bulldozers the only means that can be fuelled.
  28. February 2025 – Violent demonstrations in every city, Police shoots, dozens of casualties
  29. January 2025  – The government pays civil servants wiht worthless new liras. Barter starts being organized.
  30. Since August 2024 – All the financial transactions which used to be dealt through computers are blocked.
  31. Starting January 2025 – Speculators arrive in Italy wirh suitcases of Euros and buy whatever: houses, cars, hotels, factories. Everything is sold at a pittance to buy survival goods: food, energy, medicines, arms.
  32. January 2025 – The Government tries to stop speculative sales, but is powerless.
  33.  Gradually since August 2024 – Italian manufacturing stops for lack of energy and of commodities, raw materials etc. Workers  and staff are fired (the term used is: made redundant).
  34. February 10th, 2025 –  The government through the services of a high-ranking beaurocrat has issued the “state of emergency” at last. The premier Mr. Salvini is not available.
  35. Public lighting has been cancelled long time ago for lack of energy. Nobody walks  in the city after dark because it is too dangerous.
  36. Since December 2024 – Water is taken from rivers and lakes and boiled using firewood collected cutting trees in public parks.
  37. March 2025 – New devices have been invented and marketed one huge success is a DIY pedal operated power generator, which can be manufactured at home using old bikes and electric motors recovered from old washing machines. Another success DIY gadget is a pedal operated Microwave oven. Some cafes  have pedal operated (by customers) espresso machines.
  38. Since January 2025 – Rallies of desperate people are an everyday event. Sometimes they get violent and the army has to control them. Casualties are current. Not acknowledged by the Government
  39.  Since Augustv2024 – Army tanks protect gvt buildings 24/7
  40. Since Serptember 2024 – Union leaders and students accused of rebellion are arrested
  41. Since September 20234 – Police an d Army patrol streets and squares 24/7.
  42. December  20th, 2025 – After months of general caos, thousands of deaths, systematic looting and heists, hospitals and schools closed, the situation is untenable. Official statement by Government responsibilities.
  43. December 23rd,  2025 – The Premier is nowhere to be found: eventually news leak that on an Air Force plane he fled to Hungary months ago. 
  44. Before leaving the country with the assistance of a personal detail of Uzi guns armed guards  he seized several tons o v v f 500 Euro cash banknotes from a secret caveau of the Ministry of Finance.  Estimated value several billion Euros. Nobody  knows  his whereabouts in Hungary or Bulgaria.                   
  45. December 27th, 2025 – At last the Army arrests all the members of the Government still in Italy. An emergency Government is formed with Army and Navy high ranking staff. General  curfew.
  46. January 20th, 2026 – All Union people and arrested students are sent home.
  47. February 2nd, 2026 –  A delegation is sent to Brussels to negotiate a possible unconditional re-entry of Italy in the Union.
  48. March 20th, 2026 – The Commission dictates the conditions: total control by the Government, of Army, Carabinieri, Police.
  49. April 2nd, 2026 –  Civil servants must swear loyalty to the European Commission.
  50. May 1st, 2026 – The Commission deploys an army of administrative staff from Finland, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany that settles in the Italian Minstries with total operational mandate.
  51. May 1st, 2026 – The Czech army protects the Commission personnel.
  52. The Italian army personnel are closely checked  to eliminate anybody suspected of  loyalty to the old ruling class.
  53. January 1st 2036 – After ten years of European Commission controlled management…

From 2027 to 2037 –  State Railways, Autostrade  electricity grid and all power plants, ports of Genoa, Naples, Livorno, Trieste, Bari, Taranto, Brindisi sold to Dutch, Finnish, French, German private companies. The Ligurian Coast is rented to Switzerland, Sardinia is given in concession to a consortium of Finnish tourist agencies, Michelangelo’s David is sold to the United States, Leonardo’s Last Supper is given in concession to a German tourism agency, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence will be managed by the Louvre, Pompei archeological site is sold to a French Agency, Sicily is sold, lock, stock and barrel to Qatar as the Islamic Caliphate of the Free Trinacria in exchange for a fifty-year supply of oil .
Hundreds of Sicilian subjects disappear and after three months the term “mafia” no longer has an objective meaning, 18053 right hands are found buried in Gangemi.  No trace of the attached individuals is found.

54. January 10th 2027th An Italian government chaired by a French top beureaucrat is reconstituted. The Italian Republic changes its name: Southern European Land Number One. S.E.L. n. 1, Territoire Europeen du Sud Numerò Une,T.E. S. n. 1, Südeuropäisches Land Nummer Einz). Official language a special Anglo German French  patois.  National Anthem “The times they are  a’changing” (rights bought for a few million dollars from Bob Dylan).

55. April 10th 2037 Emmanuel Macron addresses the Crowd in Piazza del Duomo in Milan, the crowd sings “The times they are a’changing

56. Mr Salvini never came back to Italy: he is said to live with a new secret identity on some island in Asia. He has no economic problems: the interest of the interest of the money stolen grants him a luxury exile and abundantly covers the salaries of his personal armed detail.

lorenzo matteoli

voluntary exile in Scarborough Western Australia

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Architetto, Professore in Pensione (Politecnico di Torino, Tecnologia dell'Architettura), esperto in climatologia urbana ed edilizia, energia/ambiente/economia. Vivo in Australia dal 1993
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